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Seawise Financial is a financial planner located in Cardiff by the Sea, CA. We act as a financial advisor to both San Diego residents and clients around the country providing retirement planning, investment management, and tax advice.  We work on a fiduciary, fee-only basis.

We typically work with retirees and mid-to-late career professionals that are retirement focused.  Our clients prefer to spend their free time doing the things they enjoy and value the time saved by delegating their finances to us.


We have over 20 years experience in the investment industry helping clients achieve their financial goals.  We also partner with seasoned professionals in tax, law, lending, and real estate to make sure you are covered on all fronts.


One size does not fit all.  We tailor personalized investment and planning solutions for your individual situation, regardless of your stage in life.


We combine state of the art technology with modern communication tools to create an experience best suited for your schedule.  


We get paid for providing you objective advice and do not sell products or receive commissions. We have taken an oath to act in your best interest.  Always.

Who We Help - Client Stories

The Millers

Am I on the right track?
The Millers are both successful professionals that are looking to take the next step financially. They are looking for guidance on how they can achieve their goal of buying a bigger home and saving for college while managing taxes and not pausing on their retirement savings.
Are You Like the Millers?

The Lees

Am I ready to retire?
The Lees have both put in a number of years of service at their current positions and are looking to stop working as soon as they can so they can travel. They are concerned with how they will transition from a paycheck to living off of their investments.
See How We Helped the Lees Accomplish Their Goals

The  Smiths

Am I doing the right things in retirement?
The Smiths are a few years into retirement and have begun to explore other options for their finances. They didn’t quite understand their investment strategy and thought they might have been paying too much in fees.
Learn How We Helped the Smiths Structure their Retirement
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