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Updated 8/7/20 – The Street article has been updated with a video interview with me.  


Unsurprisingly, the Coronavirus and subsequent threat of a global recession spooked investors this year.   Even though the market has come back from the lows in March, there is still a record amount of cash on the sidelines as investors sold their positions.


There’s Nearly 5 Trillion Parked in Money Markets as Investors Are Still Afraid of Stocks

“The flood into money markets pushed the sector’s assets to the highest on record, peaking at $4.672 trillion during the week of May 13, according to Refinitiv Lipper, and even recent net outflows have left more than 90% of that increase intact.”

So, if you were one of those people that sold out of their portfolio only to watch the market come roaring back, what do you do now?  I went over your options in my latest post at The Street.


What to Do if You Went to Cash